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Nieuws van Geet in de USA, het leeft nog steeds!

Groet Erwin van K.

Subject: GEET Club Launch Announcement - GEET Newsletter May 2012

Hello Everybody and Happy May 2012! We have a very exciting announcement to make. A strong connection is being made between GEET Dealers and the public, giving wide-spread access to multiplying numbers of GEET-retrofitted pieces of equipment. This connection is you!

The truth is GEET matters to everybody in enormous ways, even if one doesn’t yet realize. The reverse is also true; Everybody matters to GEET in enormous ways, even if one hasn't yet identified their potential contribution. You will now be empowered to identify, and respond to, your own ability to awareness this amazing solution for so many of our universal problems. David Pantone's GEET Club* will clarify for anyone, in any walk of life, how they can make a huge difference in the world today, to stop pollution, and even reverse it, by using waste as fuel!

Please visit my website and sign up for one of the memberships. Donations are NOT mandatory for membership, but will be a major tool used to fund research. GEET Club leaders, Educators, and the rest of GEET Club's research network will work on projects which will be listed on The results of the pooled research will provide GEET Dealers with knowledge gained from countless hours of research and development, conducted by this world-wide club. Super-functional and practical equipment will be made available to GEET Dealers for distribution.

Demonstrations to show all types of engines and other fuel-burning GEET-retrofitted equipment will be scheduled and posted on

(*) which is independent from, but given permission to operate by Paul Pantone and GEET International

In other NEWS:
Paul Pantone will now begin holding private lessons in Duncan, Oklahoma for U.S. and International GEET Dealers.

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